The Train Lodge in Sloterdijk, Amsterdam

The Train Lodge in Sloterdijk, Amsterdam

Cheap but cheerful train lodge hostel in Solterdijk, Amsterdam

This quaint hostel holds more charm than first meets the eye. Obviously, not ideal for those with needs which require adaptations. If you’re travelling Europe on a budget, this unique upcycled vintage train-turned-hotel is the best place to be. Minutes away from a tram stop, there’s ease of access into the main city of Amsterdam. Although, there’s a no smoking policy inside the train lodge, most residents use the outdoor seating areas to make conversation while they smoke or lounge in the sunlight. 

Inside the train, there is a reception area with seated dining for a sit-down breakfast (only 5 euros), compartments that can hold from a minimum of two people up to a maximum of six. It’s cramped, but that’s to be expected. What more do you need aside from the bed? You’re in Amsterdam. You should be out all day and night crawling through the coffee shops or hitting the local bars. If not, they’ve got the equipment needed to blaze on their doorstep.

Despite the compact nature of the train, the shower rooms are large in comparison. Plenty of space and privacy for a proper morning routine. The hallways are a tight squeeze, but if you’re up for meeting other travellers from around the world it’s not always a bad thing to have to wriggle past one another in a vintage train. 
There’s even board games stacked in the dining around for residents to use. 

Writer, C.J, outside the Train Lodge 2019

I stayed in this lodge in the summer of 2019. It was great accommodation for an amazing value. I still can’t decide if The Train Lodge is my favourite or if The Flying Pig takes that glory.

The area is much quieter than central Amsterdam. There’s a mature vibe to the borough. Plus there’s a SPAR shop a moments walk away from the lodge which is a massive saving if you’re touring on a budget.

With all the transport links, it’s easy to hit sight seeing spots like the Anne Frank house, Vondelpark or the open flea markets. 

Staff working in the lodge are sweet, polite and helpful. Usually, they’re tourists themselves working to fund their travels. At our stay, the lady manning the train lodge was caught dancing to radio music with one of the hostel goers. 

The only fault I can find is there are no nightly events, some hostels do game nights or themed quizzes to get travellers talking. They could also make more money by selling Train Lodge themed merchandise. It’s easy to flog anything in Amsterdam. 

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