JKTVGamer to BeePex; Rebrand

JKTVGamer to BeePex; Rebrand

Meet BeePex the Apex gamer

Family-friendly content created by kid gamer JK. Streaming games such as Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox, and Super Street Fighter. Rebranding from JKTVGamer to BeePex to showcase the PG target audience. All core brand elements are retained – the mascot honey bee adapted from hardcore to derpy adorable!

BeePex Gamer is on youtube with live streams and episodes of the latest games on the consoles and PC. JK’s avatar is unchanged – why mess with perfection? Now there’s a logo to match. Who wouldn’t want merch this cute? Support JK by purchasing from his store here. You can get anything from hoodies and facemasks to pillowcases.  It’s a five star rating for this redesign. 

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Most recent BeePex videos:

JK teams up with his Dad who he lovingly refers to as ‘Super N00b’ to game, create and stream on different consoles. He plays alongside his own friends online. This lil’ gamer in training has been hitting the consoles hard, streaming since age 5. Talk about being an early bird and getting the worms.

The dynamic duo of father and son have even self-built a retropie bartop arcade machine complete with old school video games AND a secret Fortnite option. There’s no limits to their DIY capabilities. Brain food as well as fun. 
JK’s favourite game is Fortnite but he’s known to drive a car in Rocket 

League. You can find all the best places to loot on the map by watching his Youtube Channel. 
He’s inspired by other online sensations like EthanGamer. With the lockdown providing nothing but homeschooling and time, this little entrepeneur team are putting out more videos than ever. 

Support JK BeePex Gamer as a creator on Fortnite! If you play the game, whether PC, Xbox and PS4, you can register to help. Here’s how:

1. Go to the Fortnite Item Shop in game. 
2. Press X button (support a creator)
3. Enter BeePex_Gamer
4. Press A button (accept) 

Every in-game purchase with those v-bucks helps support up-and-coming gaming sensations like JK at BeePex Gamer. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to his gaming channel on Youtube. Share with your family and friends, too. The more you play, the more you earn. Get looting and get shooting!

Watch more BeePex videos:

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