A Very 2020 Race for Life

A Very 2020 Race for Life

A Very 2020 Race for Life with C.J.

In memory of Phillip Evans, may he rest in peace

I will remember my uncle as unconditionally kind. There wasn't a bad bone in his body and he always had a smile on his face. He was passionate about the environment and animals, truly a gentle giant. The people who love him will remember him in their hearts always. He will be missed by his family. Rest in peace.
C.J. Appleby
Writer, mental health advocate and council worker.

C.J. Appleby is running and walking in this, a very 2020 Race for Life. In memory of her uncle, Phillip Evans, who sadly passed away from prostate cancer during the coronavirus lockdown this year. Prostate cancer seems to run through the males in her family, as some of Phillip’s brothers have also experienced the same type of cancer. 

You can donate, sponsor and get updates on C.J’s Cancer Research Race for life page. Tesco have donated £20 as a surprise starting gift. This year, social distancing will change how we race for life. It is C.J’s first experience participating in a race for life. Prior of her diagnosis of fibromyalgia she ran weekly but due to increasing pain levels from high-impact, intense exercise, this was phased out. 

Follow her throughout September as C.J. goes from running zero times a week to either walking, jogging or running at least 5k once a week returning to her previous cardio regime. 

C.J. will also be posting yoga videos to show the importance of stretching before and after a work out. 

These will be available on the website, Youtube channel and social media pages. Don’t forget to like and follow the @ApplebyInk pages.

Watch this first Vlog update of C.J. talking about this year’s Race for Life as a person whose never run in races and is affectionately nicknamed the ‘sloth’.


The Cancer Research online shop have a sale on specially selected items. Go to their store to support the charity. C.J. has kitted out her wardrobe with the below Race for Life clothing and accessories so she can race proudly in pink. Every purchase made on the charity’s website goes toward funding vital, life-saving research while supporting those diagnosed. 

FREEBIE: the 2020 Race for Life medal comes free, donation optional, and any delivery is free on orders over £15. 

Keep an eye out for the weekly updates as C.J. completes the first 5k on Monday the 31st of August. That’s 25k over four weeks from 0k over four weeks; a stark difference. There will be weekly vlog, blog and channel updates as she progresses. 

Let Appleby Ink know if you’re involved in the Race for Life 2020 for a chance to feature on the site.

Download your sponsorship form and sign up today!

Whether it’s a bake sale, sponsored silence, 30 day challenge or sacrificial (e.g. go technology free, quit smoking or become vegetarian) there’s a number of ways you can get involved this year.

Remember to stay safe while raising money. Keep to social distancing measures, wear face masks and gloves where possible, as well as maintaining hygiene by hand washing, sanitising and avoid touching your face.


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