JKTVGamer: Arcade machine with virtual arcades?!

JKTVGamer: Arcade machine with virtual arcades?!

JKTVGamer Strikes Again: Niche Mincraft Mod Allows In Game Arcade!

The father and son dream team are back – somehow – with bigger, better content than before. Last week, we saw the pair build a retropie barcade and customise it to include all the best old school games as well as upgrading it for xBox games like Fortnite. 

This time, they have stepped it up a notch and tailored their own virtual arcade on Minecraft. Watch the below video to see the arcade machine mod at work. Rik K modified a Minecraft map preset with retro game designs. See how many favourites you can spot. This week, the video mashes more retro gaming classics with modern updates. My personal favourite is the Sega Mega Drive. 

Mods are authorised but cannot be used commercially. Rik K selected a preset map to use, the basic retro game map you see in the video. He built a room in the castle, designing it to fit with an arcade theme, and inserted arcade machine mods. 

Watch as JK explores this unique landscape filled with past and present gaming trends. 

The secret arcade isn’t signposted so JK must search the map to find the hidden location. He passes famously loved characters like Pikachu from Pokémon and Sonic the hedgehog. Comment your favourite part of this arcade map below, or better yet, go on JK’s channel and shout out your hottest highlights. 

**SPOILER ALERT** The secret arcade is found inside the castle. There are even Mario music boxes! The first game JK tries is the age-old Pong. It’s paradoxical to watch a gamer playing arcade games, on an in game arcade, on their own self-built arcade unit. Back in the day when Pong was coded, it would have been an intellectual challenge to get all the elements in the right place and considered advanced for its time. 

Next up, is Pacman. Who doesn’t love this ride down memory lane? JK makes up for a poor defeat at pong, having jinxed himself, by smashing Pacman like a boss and achieving a respectable score before the ghosts caught up.

What you weren’t expected in this in game arcade? Snake. Yes folks, the originals can never be beaten. Snake was first published on a Telmac 1800, CHIP-8 in 1978. In my childhood, it was an old Nokia 3310 that I would rob off my own parents to play this exact game. Now watch in awe as this 6-year-old takes only seconds to recognise what this game is after playing a newer version online. JK proves the best concepts never die. 

All the joystick controls have been programmed to work on the virtual arcade machines. There is a copy of this at the end of the video, compliments of Rik K. If you want to see how they built the barcade machine watch their tutorial video here.

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