JKTV Gamer, a video game character?

JKTV Gamer, a video game character?

The time has come and JK is non-stop on this clock; he’s now a Super Street Fighter video game character
This darling double act has soared even higher since last seen. Watch their latest video now, if you haven’t already. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to keep up to date with all the JKTVGamer family gaming videos on his channel. What better way to brighten up your day?
This father-son tech project has taken this team’s talents to the next level. Who knows what’s coming next?

Super Street Fighter is way before JK’s time, but thanks to his Dad this boy has a passion for all things virtual; from building their own arcade cabinet with a secret Fornite option and an in-game virtual arcade. This newest project is playable on laptop, making it far more accessible to the younger generation.

For a boy of seven, he’s far more mature than peers his own age and is star of his martial arts class, already beginning person to person combat practice. 
Super Street Fighter was the game before Tekken came along. 
JK’s other favourites include Minecraft, Roblox, Spore and Rocket League.

This video was interrupted by lockdown regulations. JK and Dad wanted to film the introduction in Energize dojo to show JK being sucked into this videogame scenario while daydreaming during martial arts with his classmates and sensei. Dad brainstormed the new idea to make up for tier restrictions.

Watch out, Youtube Stars...

I’m SO glad I watched this. One of the best videos I’ve ever seen. I’m 56 years old and I want to be your kid for a day so I can see myself being a street fighter! LOL. It was fantastic! Great work to both of you!
GrandAmy Gamer
Youtube comment on JKTVGamer

Super Street Fighter II was a source of inspiration, influence and the main framing for which the idea was based upon. Collaborating with organisations such as Energize Martial Arts Academy, over 250 photographs were taken to use as frame by frame shots for the character using a greenscreen and equal lighting. 

Each defence or offence move is made of 10-15 shots. A software program called Nomen was used to rip the images of the character Ryu from the game itself. This gave all the information and outline for fighting sequences as well as individual positions required to recreate a character. 

One by one the images were replaced by the ones taken of JK who skillfully acted out the various different stances and blocks including dramatising his own hits taken by an opponent.

These images were pixelated in Photoshop to match the in-game retro design that accompanies the arcade era. Photographs of the Energize sensei were also taken for the opening screen on the game to pay special tribute for the influence the dojo has on JK. 

This project has been ongoing for months, reaching completion only a week ago. The video by JKTVGamer has already attracted 1.5k views on his Youtube Channel which has almost a thousand subscribers. Not bad for a kid, but Dad works tirelessly behind the scenes to make these amazing activities happen for him with his tech background and design mastery.

Ryu was selected as his fighting style for normal attacks resemble martial arts which JK practices, making it less challenging to recreate the moveset concepts.

Ryu’s fighting style is generally referred to as Shōtōkan, a type of karate, with aspects of Hapkido (hybrid Korean martial art; a form of self-defence that employs joint locks, grappling, throwing, and striking attacks). His take on Ansatsuken style, the purpose of killing opponents, focuses on powerful strikes that knock foe down.

Check out the Ryu moves used to make JKTVGamer‘s very own unique Super Street Fighter character in the virtual Energize Martial Arts Academy dojo. Modifications not for sale, resale or commercial use.

Shoulder throw

Shoulder throw -a normal attack move- as an opponent attacks and is successfully blocked.

Throw fall

Shoulder throw -a normal attack move- as an opponent attacks and is not successfully blocked.

Fireball I

Surge fist known as ‘hadouken’ that originated in Super Street Fighter in which a fighter’s willpower is utilised to focus energy into and through the outward palms. The most famous special move from the Ryu skillset.

Fireball II

Scorching Heat Surge Fist is a special type of hadouken. The original inspiration was a rare Easter egg in Street Fighter II where fireballs would randomly be red.

Fireball III

The Shinku Hadoken was introduced in Super Street Fighter II: Turbo as a super-combo improvement to the original Fireball attack.

Hurricane Kick

The Tatsumaki ‘tornado whilrlwind leg’ is a special move originating from Super Street Fighter where, in some games, it will lift the user high enough to fly over projectiles, such as the HadokenSonic BoomSoul Spark and Yoga Fire.

Dragon Punch


The Shoryuken ‘Rising Dragon Fist’ is another special move. For Ryu, it is hard-hitting, usually one blow and knocking the opponent on his back. Though weaker and with less range than Ken’s, it has a better recovery time.

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