JKTVGamer Challenge: Fortnite on Retro Barcade Joysticks

JKTVGamer Challenge: Fortnite on Retro Barcade Joysticks

JKTVGamer plays Fortnite challenge on arcade machine joysticks

JK just doesn’t stop gaming. This mega-challenge was inspired by users on Reddit after the inital video tutorial (how to build a retropie barcade, watch here) blew up to 5k views with 17k upvotes on Reddit. Amazing work for the young entrepreneur who oozes rivers on confidence whenever he’s on camera. 

In this video, JKTVGamer plays Fortnite on his new self-built Retropie Barcade unit, complete with Fornite vinyl design coating. Only using the joysticks and buttons, as per the request of one user on Reddit who claimed using an xBox pad was pointless. Show them, JK!

He starts simple: one kill with the joy sticks. Seems easy, right? Have you ever played your favourite console games on a retro arcade machine? Thought not. 

It starts seemingly impossible to achieve. JK is knocked out of the game almost immediately. That doesn’t stop him. Determined for success in this challenge, he keeps practising. Before long, has a good handle of the new controls and picks up loads of loot without problem. 

This is the world’s first Fortnite arcade machine, and JKTVgamer is the first gamer to not just take part in but win this challenge. Now, he’s even tried playing on Minecraft. Not just normal Minecraft. Modified Minecraft. This new-hit-niche is propelling his channel by merging retro and modern gaming into a never-seen-before hybrid. 

You can read all about how he built the arcade machine and see the exclusive interview with Rik K who guided him through the project. 
For his newest challenge – playing arcade mods in Minecraft on his Retropie arcade unit – go to this blog post to watch the video.

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