JKTVgamer: RetroPie Barcade Cabinet with secret Fortnite option

JKTVgamer: RetroPie Barcade Cabinet with secret Fortnite option

Father & Son make EPIC Bartop Fornite Arcade Cabinet with RetroPie

JKTVgamer started as a family Youtube gaming channel for kids.

After Dad, Rik K, shared their D.I.Y barcade build on Reddit which has over 17,000 up votes so far, he was inundated with messages from strangers wanting their own Retropie Arcade machine. 
JK plays across xbox, PC and tablet platforms.

Previous videos showcase his son JK on his favourite games such as Fortnite, Rocket League, Minecraft, Roblox and Super Mario. 

JK is only 6 years old but plays like a pro. He even played in the live Fortnite Doomsday event (June, 2020) where the symbolic fantasy world map was flooded leading on to an update for shark attacks. You can buy his merchandise online here.  

Watch the below video of the step by step process this team took to tackle every gamer’s dream. Truly, a one of a kind machine. It’s already at almost 5,000 views on Youtube. 

JK walks through coating the exterior (in decorative stickers custom made for this build) and constructing the shell from panels. 

Then, the dynamic duo get to work on the interior components – attaching the computer monitor to the electrical wiring and hooking it up to the joy sicks. 

If JK’s ultimate game wasn’t already obvious by his recent loot videos, this arcade build is a statement in itself.

This isn’t just any old Fortnite Barcade creation. There’s a SECRET option… revealed at the end of the video. 


Q&A with Rik Kay at JKTVgamer

Q: What inspired this project?

A: JK went to Bury Arcade club and had a great time playing the retro consoles.

I had a chat and asked if he could have an arcade machine what would it look like?
Without hesitating, he said, Fortnite.

Fortnite isn’t a retro game but I like a challenge.

The concept I created merged retro games and modern games into one arcade machine through a hybrid adorned in Fortnite livery.

Q: When and how did JKTVgamer begin?

A: Back in 2019 JK watched many gamers. Among them was Ethan Gamer who started as a young gamer. I joked, saying he could do that too. Then there we were with a recording rig, green screen and J sat ready to record his first games for the world to see. The memory of recording him playing rocket league online at the age of 5 years old and winning will always stick with me.

Q: When and how did JKTVgamer begin?

A: JK’s hilarious narration and laughter during. The games are secondary to his banter.

Q: Will you build more personalised arcade cabinets?

A: Funny you should ask. So far, 5 people on Reddit enquired about building one and a further 2 on JKTVgamer’s Facebook page. Tempted, for sure.

Q: Why do people watch JKTVgamer?

A: For so many reasons… firstly, he is a kid gamer. His friends love watching his channel game and looking at his merch. They relate to it. A lot of gamers on YouTuber are in their twenties or thirties now. They are slowly edging out of what kids identify with and want to watch.

Secondly, he’s got skills. JK is damn good at the games he plays, he schools me most of the time. I wish I was half as good. Not to mention, he still has time to chat while playing. Multitasking at his age is all the more impressive. 

Q: What’s next for JKTVgamer?

A: Good question. He wants to get more involved; doing collaborations with other gamers and hilarious game challenges which will make his subscribers laugh out loud.

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