Fortnite Season Seven

Fortnite Season Seven

Here comes a cosmic summer invasion party!

Fortnite is such a big part of modern life, even school training courses incorpoate into their content. Each chapter brings new updates and every season completely upheaves the gameplay to keep the platform fresh.

The PG graphics and third person shooter viewpoint removes the up close, personal mode in most combat based video games. Availability acorss platforms allows the userbase to expand across further audiemces.


The latest season brings us arguably the best modifications yet! 

  • Aliens and henchmen with stashes of loot.
  • UFOs (no flying instructions, sorry). 
  • Abductions to time sensitive tasks!
  • Parasites on unpredicatable wildlife – watch out, they might jump onto you. 
  • Telephone quests.

The centre of the map now holds the remains of an alien invasion – odd substances on the boulders, grass and trees. Wildlife has merged with alien DNA to create interbreeds. 

The best places to find chest has stayed the same but keep checking our list for updates. The easiest way to survive in solo is to search and evade. 

A more secretive update that has aliens taking over what WAS Holly Hedges and the introduction of nanobites – out of this world technology that updates weapons or creates low gravity fields. As always, EPIC are slowly working towards an explosive end of chapter before releasing the next wave of cosmic challenges. The skins are summer themed with a dash of space dust. More tattoos featured on the characters too!

The new monetary reward system through battlestars earned while gaming allows players to get one-of-a-kind season skins, inventory and accessories. 

If players engage with the alien outbreak quests and locate alien artifacts, they can purchase further unique season items for the alien character skins! Best reward yet? RICK from Rick and Morty. Get gaming.

THROWBACK: The Zero Point

In the older seaon five, chapter 2, users were brought a tonne of updates: locations, loots, weapons and even in game AI characters to hire.

The age old map  remained the same but there’s plenty of twists on the favourites. The centre of the map was destroyed by the Galactus Event to end Season 4. 

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