Fibro Blog #1

Fibro Blog #1

A Bad Pain Day

Today’s update is going to be a short one. 
It’s primarily a reminder to take it easy on yourself.
That’s difficult advice to follow, especially as the person giving the advice (who fails often to take her own wisdom to heart). 

Bad pain days are going to happen. 

That’s what fibromyalgia means. Chronic pain. Forever. Sorry to be the voice of doom, but reality check, pain doesn’t have to determine your emotions or what you achieve in life. That goes for physical pain or emotional pain, and both if you’re unlucky enough to be really suffering right now. Spoonies understand the cards they’re dealt are unfair, but we just keep on ticking on.

After all, what else can we do?

Sometimes there will be random swellings for unknown reasons. There might be cracking joints that send spasms through your body. Maybe you’ll get so tired you’ll pass out just trying to walk to the kitchen. 

Other times there will be mobility and energy, where you do all those things you love to do and more. 

It’s about management. 

Fibromyalgia is never going to go away. 

You can stop it controlling your life. 

Watch the below vlog recording for my personal take on a bad pain day…

Certain factors may trigger a fibromyalgia flare-up, such as changes in:

  • diet
  • hormones
  • physical or psychological stress
  • schedule
  • sleep
  • temperature or weather
  • treatment/medications
  • location or travel
  • habits e.g. smoking, drug use and drinking alcohol

Thanks for reading. I'll back next time with more to say on the subject, once this flare up has forgiven me.

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