Don’t shout at females from your vehicle, please.

Policing women's bodies is not okay.

Especially if it's not a female known to you. There is nothing important enough to take your eyes off the road to look at an unfamiliar human.

Delilah Bon, feminist music artist, soared into the public eye over lockdown after recording, producing and marketing her own new song I Don’t Listen To You on TikTok. Her alternative style and

focus on women’s issues brings a whole new reputation to what we consider modern feminism. This claim has helped being a feminist become a good label again. 

It’s been a very long time since I’ve been confronted by a stanger for my choice of clothing. I’d almost slipped into the trap of believing as a modern society this barely occurs anymore. 

I walked to my local pool in unforgiving sunshine in full length haram trouser pants, and a sports crop top. On the return trip, walking down a very quiet side streed near some industrial commerical building. a black four by four slowed down.

That alone was enough to put me on edge. I’m a young lone female and a strange car has seen me then stopped – suspicious. 

The window rolled down and a middle aged man, maybe 40 to 50 years old, suck his head out. 

“Aren’t you cold?” he asks, in 26 degree heat as the sun beats down from a cloudless sky. He laughs as if he said a funny joke. The car moves slowly as I carry on walking. 

I didn’t want to drive to the pool today because of weekend traffic plus how hot it would be in the car that creates a greenhouse effect. 

My response was curt: “No, but thanks [swear word] for staring.”

It is not our business to comment on strangers choice of attire. Paritcuarly if they're much younger, and of the opposite sex.

Why some people think it’s their right to voice what they think about you is acceptable, I can’t explian. Policing women’s bodies and clothing choice was a problem I thought was reserved for the past. We may live in a multicultural society, with everyone living life differently. Stay in your lane. Nothing gives an unknown man the right to berate woman on their wardrobe choices, period. Let alone if you don’t even know who they are. How does it affect someone personally if a strangers passes in an outfit they disagree with? Why does it matter?

I dress for the weather, and I am shamed for it. Men walking around in nothing but a pair of shorts? Nobody bats an eye. Men can wear tight shirts showing of their muscles but women can’t wear fitted clothing for having hips and breasts. A cycle of hypocrisy that needs to end. Who gave men the right to police women’s bodies? 

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Exerting control over choice of clothing is merely another manipulation of women and an abuse of the gender imbalance of power that still exists as a prevelant trend in today’s society. The trend of this has started to be shunned by a greater portion of society as new regulations and laws are introduced. For example, The criminal offence of ‘upskirting’ was created under the Voyeurism Act when it received Royal Assent in February 2019.

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