DIY Home Decor on a Budget

DIY Home Decor on a Budget

Everything about housing is expensive; the rent or mortgage payments, cost of utilities, furniture, whitegoods, electronics. When you want to revamp a house to personalise it from ceiling to floor, the bill becomes an unattainable fantasy. Unless you have a trick or two up your sleeve…

Paint & wallpaper


Value brands or own brands in DIY shops are significantly cheaper than the brand name paints. Homebase has Home of ColourB&Q has Good Home. Wilko has Change Your LookThe Range has Crown

Homebase is a good choice. It promises not only good value, from £12 for matt and silk emulsion, but a range of 60 colours inspired by the latest interior trends. 

The paint range has been designed with environmental credentials in mind – something that’s great news for a budget, own-brand offering. 

The paint packaging is sustainable, made from 100% recycled plastic and the paint contains a minimum VOC count, meaning it has a minimal effect on the air quality of your home. Homebase commits to ensuring its own brand paint is shipped with Crown paints to its store, reducing its carbon footprint. 

You could throw in wall glitter for a feature wall. 

The best value wallpaper on the market is available from £9.99 a roll at B&M Home Stores. They have a range of patterns, embosses, colour and styles. 

It’s tricky to wallpaper, especially if the design is complex e.g. geometric wallpaper needs to line up perfectly to avoid looking bizarre and amateur. 

The base wall must be as level and smooth as possible to stop any creases, wrinkles or bumps in the wallpaper. Adjustments to the wallpaper will need to be cut in to accomodate any plugs, vents or 

Carpet is the expensive option. Unfortunately, it’s a challenge to redo flooring in a penny-friendly manner. Vinyl is the low value and rolls across a thin layer of flooring. 

Hardwood is the top value at price per meter squared and the most time consuming to install. Tiles are suitable for wet rooms (bathrooms and kitchens), they can be bought at affordable prices if you’re willing to do the work yourself. 

If the middle ground is a compromise, laminate flooring (planks being the simplest to lay) is durable, attractively like hardwood but without the hefty price tag. 

Renters have recently started wallpapering their floors for a stylish look at a lower price. This way the floor can be beautiful and inexpensive



Cheap light fittings can be sourced at most bargain shops. The best value and most attractive are the metal geometric style – not providing much shade but definitely lighting up the room. These can be purchased in B&M for only £5 in their super saver sale section.

Feature fittings can be caught for a charming price online. 

A dab hand at arts and crafts could make most of their home décor. Options include: Photo collages for family room features, tapestries, murals, framed posters, throws, stencils, vinyl stickers and wall hanging. Think-  shells, pebbles, crochet, ribbon, buttons, feathers – whatever you have. 


If there are plans to change the light fitting altogether to another type, ensure if these are near doors that you have measured the length of the fitting… nobody wants 

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Gardens are the heaven of an upcycler. Pallets can be turned into pottery shelves or benches. Build a barbecue, dig a fire pit or stack a rockery. Bird feeders can be made from wire coat hangers, pine cones, and tubs. Ensure any water features are wildlife friendly. Hedgehogs don’t swim!

Decking can be erected from scrap wood to elevate a porch.


Why not liven up old bathroom tiles with a coloured grout pen? Whatever shade you want, you can buy. Go gothic black or bright colours to add a splash of style to a lavish lavatory. 



Start at the bottom and create a base for bulk. Shelves will be essential if you collect books, workout gear or plant babies. Big TVs mean big units. All these bedframes, wardrobes and tables can come with larger than life price tags. Always check freecycle, gumtree and other second-hand options for discounted rates. If it’s close to a sale, like black Friday, wait. 

Retiling a kitchen is one way to shift a kitchen’s look. If that’s out of your budget, an easier option is to buy tile paint for a quicker switch. Refitting a kitchen if you hate the cupboards is a hemorrhage to your bank account. A better option, if wood based, is to sad and repaint the current fit. Stick on LED lights make any kitchen instantly fancy.  

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