Customer harassed by business owner for a bad review

Lee Harding, owner and head tattoist of the independant tattoo business, took the time to respond to customer feedback disagreeing with the client's experience and shifting the blame to another artist.

Since leaving the review on Google, the business owner inappropriately interacted with the past client's social media, contacted her ex-partner to discuss the business matter - a breach of not only the customer's privacy but right to GDPR security.

The business has no privacy policy, no available about us information on their website, in fact, there’s no real useful data on there at all. The written text on the landing page of the site has grammatical, spelling and literary blunders particularly on the description for Lee; owner and tattoo artist. 

The customer, who does not wish to be named further since the situation escalated on Sunday and the business contacted her ex-partner then publicly admitted to this on her social media page, contacted the business about touch ups. Screenshots of the conversation and the google review are below. The client has been unable to contact the individual artist after calling the number provided by the studio who has passed the responsibility onto their previous employee, refusing to finish the work they started. 

From left to right: the original interaction between the business and their client showing the 7 word response and indignant reply from the unprofessional owner. The business direct her to the artist and take no responsbility for finishing the artwork, directing all fault to the ‘self employed’ employee previous working through his studio premises. 

Below: Original review of Revolution Ink Custom Tattoo Studio and the response from owner insulting the previous client despite screen shots of evidence. 

Since leaving the review on Google, the business owner inappropriately interacted with the past client’s social media on top of contacting her ex-partner to discuss the business matter. Such failure to hold an ounce of professionalism that borders on harassment. 

The customer has since filed a complaint with the business, which was never responded to. Resulting from this, she has filed a breach of GDPR with the ICO after receiving police advice. 

The tattoos will now have to be finished by another studio and another artist, instead of being included in the studio touch up as an industry standard.

If just the poor business etiquette isn’t enough to put you off the shop, perhaps the crossing of personal boundaries where an owner feels indignant enough to contact customer’s acquaintances to discuss them. 

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In the words of Chandler Bing Could it BE any lower?

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