PR: Coming soon to JKTVGaming

PR: Coming soon to JKTVGaming

One of a kind Energise Fighter Game starring JKTVGamer as a playable character.

The family dream team are back with brighter ideas. JKTVGamer is now a martial arts elite both on and off the screen. Inspiration taken from the Street Fighter retro arcade game series, Super Street Fighter II, merged with high-tech game design skills by his father has landed the pair this world-wide-one-of-a-kind game. Cute, or what?

A green screen was used to take the photographs needed to turn into pixel art for his character.

The sensei at Energize will also feature in the game, pictured here with JK.

Here is JKTVgamer the character, even donning his team Energise t-shirt.

It’s taken months of planning ideas and considering concepts before any real work could be done. 

There have been over 200 photographs of JK snapped for the personal project which has turned into a beautiful sentimental creation from father to son. 

In collaboration with Energise Martial Arts Academy and their sensei, the game has been finalised. The dojo setting is personalised to advertise the Energise logo to look as similar to their class as possible. One sensei will have his fight stance on the opening shot.  


The official Youtube video has yet to be released, but it’s coming soon to JKTVGaming. There’s so much potential for this project. It could be another retro arcade build with personalised vinyl across the cabinet with a life-sized JKTVGamer and Sensei on either side. 

As the organisation has it’s own charity, if the arcade were chargeable at 20 pence a go all proceeds could be used as donations for funding.

A feel good story at last. The feats of one seven year old never fail to amaze. Keep your eyes peeled for his next update. 

In the meantime, why not watch his latest videos?

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