Starter Car: Chevrolet Matiz

Starter Car: Chevrolet Matiz

Looking for a starter car? Look no further.

Originally these cars were Daewoo Matiz models. The Chevrolet Matiz M200 is a second generation of the Chevrolet Spark line. Admittedly, compared to the American Chevrolet counterpart the British miniature version packs a little less punch and a lot less style, really only wearing the Chevy badge of honour. This cheap, compact car doubles both for long-distance commutes and short inner-city trips. Another bonus? It comes in a variety of colours, both interior and exterior. If you’re a fan of crazy fabric patterns, this car will be the one for you. No gas-guzzling muscle cars in this blog.

5 door, 5 seater, hatchback body style

: 49 to 54 mpg
Power: 50 to 65 bhp
0-60 mph: 13.6 to 21.2 secs
Miles Per Tank: 385 miles
CO2 Emissions: 139 g/km
Engine: 1 litre 995cm3
Class: Micro car
Torque: 91 Nm (67 ft·lb ) (9.3 kgm ) at 4200 rpm
Fuel: Petrol
Insruance group: 6-11

The 4 cylinder, single overhead camshaft naturally aspirated engine has 2 valves per cylinder and a volume of 1 litres. Power is transferred to the wheels by means of a 5 speed manual gearbox. Its quoted kerb weight is 795 kg. Maximum speed stated is 156 km/h, which is 97 mph.

Although this model may not be stylish, it makes up for this in the miles it can handle and the cost. As a previous owner of this exact car photographed, I can confirm the tank cost at the time (2016-2020) £30.00 to fill up full at a supermarket. This could take me from Milton Keynes to Edinburgh before I would need to refuel (355.00 miles). 

Pros: the cost to run for a first-time driver is manageable. In addition, insurance is affordable. It works for both short and long-distance journeys, as relatively reliable cars. The size allows for absolute ease of parking. There will be no trouble finding a space for this vehicle. It’s safer for speed-demons as a slower car and helps break new-drivers into modern roads. 
Cons: Car tax is high, small-car-syndrome leads to other drivers in built-up city areas to taking unspent road rage out on the small car users, the MPG isn’t as great as it could be and this model is no friend to the environment. It also freezes on the interior windscreen during the cold winter months, melting onto the dashboard and into the speakers causing damage. 

It was developed on the basis of the Daewoo Tico, version under license of the Suzuki Alto, with which both Tico and Matiz share mechanics and suspensions. 

From this origin derives its characteristic narrow width, imposed by the Japanese kei car tax category. It was given a face lift for the M150 model. In China, the models were sold under Chevrolet Lechi.

The third generation of Chevrolet Matiaz (under the model name Daewoo Matiz Creative) M300 in 2009 became more attractive, but less popular than previous models, predominately sold in Korea. 

Appleby Ink Rating

Prices used range from £500-1,250 dependant on the condition

Discontinued model, only available used.

Images from Chevrolet

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