Beepex Custom Fortnite Skin Design

Beepex Custom Fortnite Skin Design

JK hand designed his very own custom Fortnite skin to accompany his new branding. The bee suit features JK characterised as a bee with antenna sprouting from his hood, stingers on both shoulders and an adorable honeybee pixaxe. This new character will feature as the introduction to each youtube video uploaded. Watch the latest below. 

Now, onto the next step – getting official recognition from Fortnite (Epic Games). Who wouldn’t want to enter a national competition for the chance to win their own tailored skin for Fortnite? You can help by e-mail them at to show your support for Beepex creator.

There’s already the option to support a creator on Fortnite’s online store where you can add Beepex_Gamer as your chosen creator. Every purchase in-game helps this kid’s dreams come closer to being true. Who doesn’t want to be a self-employed, entrepeneur when they’re older instead of working a weekday desk job?

JK records regular videos and sometimes livestreams gaming sessions with his father generously dubbed  ‘Super Noob’, Rik Kay. Follow their social media, subscribe to the youtube channel and don’t forget to leave a comment or like. 

Why not start designing your own family fun Fornite skins? Share them on social media with the hash tags:

 #BEEPEX #FortniteSkins

Epic Games are a fan fuelled company and it’s not far fetched to think they could run a competition or update the store with more personalised customisable avatars. The imagination of children is endless. 

JK now has his own website! Check it out for all the recent videos, links to his channel and merch.

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